Orvarto are importers and wholesalers of microfibre cloths. We work with trusted manufacturers globally to bring to market the highest quality cleaning cloths.

Private Label & Consignment Stock

We provide a private label service for all your microfibre cloth requirements.

We can supply one-off orders or offer a consignment stock service whereby we stock your annual requirements which are called off in monthly instalments.


Reasons to partner with us for all your microfibre cloth requirements…

Improve Your Cash Flow

We offer credit terms* on your private label cloth orders and invoice you once the goods have been delivered to you.

*Subject to credit check and signed agreement

Increase Your Warehouse Space

We stock your own branded goods for you to call off saving you warehouse/storage space!

Quality Assurance

We have fantastic relationships the best manufacturers in the world; we know high quality product is important that’s why we have quality control processes in place across our range of manufacturers.

Less Paperwork

Only 1 invoice from us per shipment – no Duty, VAT, Shipping or Customs paperwork to worry about!

For all Orvarto Microfibre enquiries please get in touch.

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Our in-house, fully-automatic production line means we can offer customers high-quality, personal care wipes at competitive pricing.

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Cloths FAQs

Why should I choose microfibre cloths for cleaning?

Microfibre cloths offer superior cleaning performance due to their fine fibres that can capture and hold onto dirt, dust, and particles effectively. They also require less water and cleaning chemicals, making them an eco-friendly choice.

What types of microfibre cloths are available for wholesale?

Orvarto offers a diverse range of wholesale microfibre cloths, including general-purpose cleaning cloths, glass cleaning cloths, polishing cloths, and more. Each type is designed for specific cleaning tasks.

Can I get customised microfibre cloths with my brand logo?

Yes, Orvarto provides the option for custom branding on wholesale microfibre cloths. You can inquire about customisation details and minimum order quantities by contacting their sales team through the provided contact information on the website.

Are there any bulk discounts available?

Orvarto may offer bulk discounts on wholesale microfibre cloth orders. The specific discount rates may vary based on the quantity ordered. For detailed pricing information, you can get in touch with our sales representatives.

What industries can benefit from wholesale microfibre cloths?

Wholesale microfibre cloths are versatile and suitable for various industries, including hospitality, automotive, janitorial services, healthcare, and more. They are used for cleaning surfaces, wiping electronics, and detailing vehicles, among other applications.

How do I care for microfibre cloths to ensure longevity?

To maintain the quality and longevity of microfibre cloths, it’s recommended to wash them separately from cotton fabrics, avoid using fabric softeners, and wash them in cold water. Following the care instructions provided by Orvarto can help extend their lifespan.

Are there specific care instructions for different types of microfibre cloths?

Yes, different types of microfibre cloths may have varying care instructions based on their intended use. Orvarto’s website or customer service can provide guidance on how to properly care for different microfibre cloth variants.

Do microfibre cloths replace the need for cleaning chemicals?

Microfibre cloths are highly effective at capturing and removing dirt and particles without the need for excessive cleaning chemicals. However, in certain situations, using a mild cleaning solution might enhance the cleaning process.

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