An Oshibori is a small, white towel which has been soaked in clean water. Typically, it will then be folded, or rolled, before being placed on a tray or individually wrapped for later use.

Orvarto produce Oshibori Towels made from 100% Natural Cotton which are pre-moistened and individually wrapped with our signature lemon fragrance.

Perfect whilst on the go and anywhere where you wish to elevate the customer experience. They can often be found in Hotels, Restaurants, Chauffeurs, Airlines, Spa’s, Golf Tournaments, Weddings, Gyms and for general refreshment whilst on-the-go!


Luxury Oshibori Wet Face Towels are individually wrapped and pre-soaked with mineral water and fresh lemon scent to leave you feeling refreshed whilst on the go.

Just what I needed to clean fingers and mouth after dinner. Popped in the microwave for 15 seconds to turn them into hot towels. Smell divine, citrus and fresh. They are made of towelling material so after a good wash they can be used for cleaning clothes - bonus! Will be buying again.

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